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Class Notes

Yokosuka: Mondays and Thursdays

Tsurumi: Wednesday mornings

Suzukakedai: Wednesday afternoons


On June 10, we will have the final class and evaluation.
First: Everyone will present the poster session. The Tomatoes On Mars, v2.0 links here are the best ones for this. This is my polished version of the earlier Tomatoes On Mars poster. You may alter this poster as you like or use a different poster if you want to. You do not have to follow the script, but you do need to say all the major points. Using your own words is fine. You will be expected to ask and answer questions during the poster session.
Second: Everyone will present one of the PowerPoint slideshows (Pease Porridge, Little Miss Muffet, The Queen of Hearts, or one you bring in). Remember that speaking clearly, eye contact, voice projection/volume, and rhythm are the most important things, not showing the right slide. Please do not stop speaking or break your rhythm to check the slide. And please speak as slowly and as clearly as you can.
Third: If we have time, everyone will make one speech. Any short speech is OK. Martin Luther King's "I Have A Dream" was the one we practiced the most. Again, speak slowly.
Please practice these. Send me an email with any questions. And good luck :-)

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[Little Miss Muffet, as pdf]

[Little Miss Muffet, as pptx (PowerPoint)]

[Pease Porridge Hot, as pptx (PowerPoint)]

[The Queen of Hearts, as pptx (PowerPoint)]

[Martin Luther King, Jr.'s I Have A Dream speech, short selection]

[Three Science-Related Speeches]

[Rhymes and Limericks]

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I'll add more files and notes here, perhaps by Saturday afternoon. If I can, I'll post a more polished poster here as well. You can change the poster yourself however you'd like.


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Use the audio file as a basis for your own presentation of the data. You can use the PowerPoint file as is, or you can alter it. The goal is for you to focus on giving a presentation, not to spend much time writing. Please write your script. Find the timing. And practice. You will be expected to do one of these on Wednesday, 5/13. You may do more than one if you like, and you may change them or use your own. Just don't spend too much time writing and too little time practicing.

[links removed, 30 June]

Kanazawa Hakkei

Dr. Seuss' "Green Eggs and Ham" full video
(find more Dr. Seuss videos on the right of youtube)

Shimotsuma Mongatari / Kamikaze Girls
[wikipedia] [imdb] [youtube (full movie with English subtitles)]

Higashi Hakuraku

youtube's movie channel
American Birthright Citizenship
'Wisdom of Crowds' news (technical English)


"Oh Mikey" English version -- twins episode

Keihin CT

Atmospheric Heating Before Tohoku Earthquake
'ductility' on wikipedia

5/26 discussion topic: "the future of nuclear energy in Japan"
"Ultimate Choice" documentary on nuclear power (I can't find this video)
Thorium as nuclear fuel (in Japanese)

Keihin A

"The Social Network" trailer

homework for 5/25: workbook p.4, #1

Honsha 1

5/24 Roy Orbinson [wikipedia on voice quality] [Crying (youtube)] [Only the Lonely (youtube)]
VLC Media Player (can slow down audio and video with no pitch change, good for language study of fast speech) [wikipedia (in Japanese)]
text, p.31 Listening 1 discussion of Vietnam's balance of trade

5/31 discussion of "low energy summer" -- how to:
stay cool, minimize energy use, maximize energy production

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